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Insteco Ltd was established in 1993, with strategically located offices in Cork & Meath. Its long-term alliance with leading manufactures of Instrumentation has led to Insteco Ltd. Being recognised as a supplier of high quality reliable instrumentation.

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laser alignment 

 Fluke 830 Laser Alignment Tool





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New Products : Intrinsically Safe Computing

Intrinsic safety is a technical characteristic of a device or a system which guarantees on the basis of specific design principles that an unsafe situation will not occur even in the event of a fault. This can be achieved by way of predetermined or rated breaking points, special power sources or other measures to ensure
that a dangerous situation cannot arise

Phones and Tablets
Smart-Ex 01 Zone 1 Mobile Phone

    - Push to Talk (App Solution)
    - Dedicated HardwareButtons for PTT and LWP
      - Optional Lone Worker Protection (App Solution)
        - Service Level Agreement

                    Pad-Ex 01 DZ2 (Windows)

                        - High speed and efficiency for the most demanding tasks

                                        - Zone 2 ATEX certified
                                        - Compatable with the i.Roc, Ident-ex and LOC-ex Bluetooth BLE Beacon
                                      - Custom Software Load

                              Ex Handy 09

                              - Dedicated Hardware buttons for LWP and PTT functions
                              - Glove usability
                              - Long battery life
                              - Powerful audio

                              Tab-Ex 01 Series Zone 1

                                  - Push to Talk applications (optional)
                                    - CamScan function available from the ecom app store
                                    - NFC technology for wireless applications
                                    - Reinforced security with Samsung Knox
                                  - New: Changeable Sim

                                  Scanners & PDA's
                                  Ident-Ex 01Zone 1

                                  • - Ultra-rugged
                                  • - Outstanding head modules performances
                                  • - Easy to use, with one hand
                                  • - Pairable with any Bluetooth device
                                  • - Flexibility - online / offline scanning & changeable head modules
                                  • - Lower risk interface to ecom products

                                  i.Roc Ci.70- Ex

                                  - Multicore OMAP 1GHz Processor
                                  - 512 MB RAM

                                  - Windows embedded handheld 6.5.3
                                  - IrDA infrared interface
                                  - A-GPS
                                  - Attitude Sensor
                                  - Brilliant VGA display and robust with Gorilla Glass