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Lone Worker Protection (LWP) is an application offered for cutomers using the Smart-Ex 01 zone 1 Phone. The LWP functionality was designed with the safety for the worker particularly for those forced to work in danerous conditions on their own. These phones are able to help locate anyone who has suffered an accident and immediately initiate the necessary measures by contacting the emergency services

The Red Button Function allows the operator of the device to so call or send an SMS through three different methods

- Pressing the Red Button (long  or short)

- Setting a timer (pre-define a pre-alarm)

- Switching the phone to a decided angle

Note 1: This app is not replacing certified LoneWorkerSystems. It enables the user to set basic functions related to the red button.

The Yellow Button Function enables the operator to initiate a call or send a SMS by just pressing the Yellow button. It´s designed to help operators to add some kind of safety to their daily work. Ideal tool for lone workers or tasks with some higher risk.

The CamScan Function offered by Ecom is a simple keyboard integrated with a barcode scanner and NFC functionalities which allows you to scan wherever you can type.This keyboard scans and enters barcodes and NFC data directly into input fields of arbitrary apps, portrait/landscape scanning and batch mode are supported.

Other Applications Include:

- ecCONF SAM (easiest way to configure a Tab-Ex 01

- ecCONF SON (easiest way to configure a Smart-Ex 01

- Phone Only Mode (simply for just the use of the phone function)

- Camera Only Mode (simply for just the use of the camera function)

For more see: 

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Mobile experts

ecom instruments is an innovative company which is characterized by its reliability, professionalism & high levels of
expertise in implementing demanding projects in the field of intrinsically safe products.
This is a worldwide service agreement. We aim to partner with our customers in every sector of industry: not only before
and during but also after the sale and when our products are in daily use. Our focus is that you consistently benefit from
all our mobile devices each and everyday. To ensure this, ecom‘s support and services are at your disposal with professional
assistance and outstanding customer care throughout the world.

Your Safety is our top priority

"Your safety is our priority" is the core belief of our engineers, developers and specialist manufacturers, - as it has been
for almost 30 years we have successfully developed equipment for use in hazardous areas.

Product and Service Innovation, Quality and Satisfaction

Ensuring the maximum quality in development, production and service is our way of maintaining our promise to you – to
provide the highest levels of safety possible in your daily work. You can sign up for our ecomprehensive service package
and benefit from predetermined costs and exceptional ecom services.
Global and efficient service is called ecomprehensive .

See PDF File for full outline on the Service Level Agreement 

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