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VisuNet—insightful solutions

With VisuNet, Pepperl+Fuchs solves the environmental challenges and obstacles presented by taking HMIs into hazardous areas with simple and safe communication technologies. The core VisuNet communication technologies draw on decades of experience and expertise in hazardous locations. Depending on your application, select a communication technology from our family of industrial solutions so that each workstation is a perfect fit for your HMI visualization infrastructure. 

KVM Monitors

For connections where the host PC does not need to be positioned close to the monitor, (Cat5 up to 120 meters, fiber optic up to 400 meters) a KVM extension is used. The KVM is like an electronic extension cord that is transparent to the display and computer.

Panel PC's

For network-based operator workstations, an industrial-grade PC and monitor with an open, fully configurable and accessible operating system is available. These panel PCs are suited to be used as stand-alone solutions. They use standard Ethernet for communication—networking, USB, and serial connections to connect to other systems like PLCs.

Remote Monitors

Our VisuNet remote monitors are patented, industry-grade, thin client solutions that are tailored for process automation systems. In contrast to KVM systems, multiple RM workstations can connect to a server or servers on the same network. Distance between remote monitor and host PC can be virtually unlimited.

Panel Mount Solutions

VisuNet industrial monitors and panel PCs are constructed for process control. Each and every industrial monitor is manufactured to meet rigid safety and mechanical tolerances. Whether your application is corrosive and grimy or  designated as a hazardous location, we have the right solution to meet your needs

Operator Workstations and Monitors

VisuNet operator workstations are rugged and sleek. Our HMIs serve highly specialized markets with innovative products designed to meet the needs of the hazardous and industrial process markets.

Our visualization products for the petroleum market are designed to be used and abused. You can find VisuNet IND HMIs in use throughout petroleum exploration performing oil logging, surface logging, directional mapping, as well as services and BOP.


We offer a comprehensive range of peripherals to complement VisuNet operator workstations and TERMEX operator panels. These devices allow you to optimize the operator workstations and operator panels for a particular application and further extend your process.

Industrial Box Thin Clients

This industrial box thin client provides the latest technology inside a compact, ruggedized aluminum housing that can withstand the stress of challenging ambient conditions. It is engineered for extended longevity and reliability, meets performance requirements for virtualized or web-based infrastructure, and supports centralized management software for thin client architectures.

Engineered Solutions

Off-the-shelf products do not always meet the exact requirements for every application. VisuNet engineered HMI solutions are a simple way to get the exact HMI you need. Whether the requirement is for a remote monitor or an intrinsically safe panel PC, Pepperl+Fuchs can engineer a solution that fits your application and budget.

Our standards for quality, craftsmanship, and value, along with our hazardous location expertise, make Pepperl+Fuchs the right choice for your next industrial HMI.

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