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100 Series

200 Series



400 Series

The 100 Series is a range of economical, yet highly accurate, process instruments for use in field applications where a robust weatherproof IP67 unit will provide the best solution. 

All models feature simple programming, large display and input linearisation for increased accuracy. 

The 200 Series is a range of intrinsically safe, highly accurate process instruments for use in field applications where a robust, weatherproof IP67 unit will provide the best solution. 

All models feature simple programming, large display and input linearisation for increased accuracy. 

Compatible with virtually every kind of flowmeter, the 400 Series flow computers and batch controllers can accept both frequency or analog type flow signals, including signals from differential pressure devices. A wide range of output functions and compensation techniques are available to handle most flow applications, including liquid, gas and steam measurement. Incorporating the latest surface mount technology and electronic, components, the 400 Series range of flow computers and batch controllers has evolved to meet the ever changing needs of the process industry. Fully field programmable, the 400 Series has a range of flexibility that enables instruments to be configured on site to meet specific installation requirements.

505 Series

The Contrec 505 is a powerful process controller range designed to make good flowmeters even better.  Featuring accurate frequency and analogue input circuits, the 505 can operate with virtually any type of flowmeter or level transmitter to give precise control and monitoring of your critical processes.  From batch control of bakery ingredients and bottle filling soft drinks, to refuelling fleets of buses and monitoring tank storage of volatile chemicals, the 505 can be installed in the control room, out on the production shop floor or in a zone 1 hazardous environment.  With alarms and data logging built in as standard and a range of outputs for integration with Scada or DCS systems and also local ticket printing, the 505 can ensure every drop is accounted for.

515 Series

The 515 Series is easy-to-use, easy to understand and offers exceptional flexibility over many applications. This controller is the most advanced model in the 500 Series range. It has more inputs and outputs of higher accuracy, giving it a greater capability and configurability to suit a wide range of applications. There are multiple frequency and analogue inputs which make the controller suitable for applications that require external sensors for temperature, pressure, density, level devices and many other applications. 

500 Series DataMod Tool

The Contrec DataMod Tool allows engineers and managers to quickly and easily keep up-to-date with what’s happening in their plant. No need for expensive, customised SCADA packages. DataMod is a one-size-fits-all solution which allows you to extract critical logged operating data from your Contrec 515 instruments installed in the field and to generate reports and spreadsheets quickly and easily.

1000 Series

Trac 40

The 1010 CJ load computer is designed for loading gantries of petroleum refineries and oil marketing terminals, to manage the custody transfer of petrochemical products onto road tankers, railcars, aircraft and barges. The Load Computer makes standard provision for all measurement and control functions for the loading/unloading of products such as fuel, chemicals, bitumen, asphalt, and LPG. 

Easy to install, configure, operate and maintain the 1010CJ is capable of simultaneously loading 4-arms and includes an integrated touch key reader for added security.

In truck applications where electronic registers must be able to operate in adverse conditions, the Trac -40 offers an economical solution for flow measurement and control.

Designed to operate with turbine, positive displacement or coriolis flowmeters, the Trac -40 meets the requirements for custody transfer of liquids throughout the world.

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