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SIngle Use Pressure Sensors

  • Applications include multi-stage depth filtration, TFF/crossflow filtration, and bioreactor pressure monitoring and many more

  • Available for use with tubing from 1/8 inch to 1 inch inner diameter (for luer size see below) or a sanitary flange

  • Unobstructed flow path & no dead legs provides dramatically reduced hold-up volume versus stainless steel transducers or gauges

  • Qualified for use in the range from -7 to 75 psi

  • Compatible with gamma irradiation

  • All materials meet USP Class VI

  • Integral 12 inch cable connects to reusable monitor/ transmitter/alarm cable via molded connector

  • Each sensor is tested for quality and accuracy during manufacturing and rejected if out of specification (no calibration required)

  • Manufactured in a clean room in an FDA registered, ISO 13485 facility

  • May be repeatedly cleaned and reused

  • Low cost

  • Sensors may be autoclaved one time

  • Polycarbonate material or caustic resistant polysulfone (please review Application Note- Autoclave of Single Use Pressure Sensors)

  • Certificate of quality included with lot certification; individual NIST Calibration Certificates are optional

  • May be non-invasively tested in-place with the PressureCHECKER™ device

  • Validation guide available on request

PressureMat Sensor Monitor

  • Designed to monitor pressure of PendoTECH’s Single Use Pressure Sensors™, the PressureMAT™ Sensor Monitor combines monitor, alarm and transmitter in one unit. Featuring an easy-to-read LCD screen that displays the pressure readings, the PressureMAT is ideal for monitoring pressures for filtration, bioreactor, and chromatography applications. The monitor’s data output capability enables the readings to be routed to a PC or control system for data collection. For low-pressure applications, PendoTECH offers a High Resolution (HR) model that achieves ten times the precision of the standard PressureMAT unit.

In-Line UV and Turbidity

  • PendoTECH is proud to offer In-line Single-Use UV Absorbance and Turbidity measuring and monitoring tools that collect data from the bioprocess fluid streams, while it is processing, resulting in less disruption to bioprocessing operations compared to measurements taken off-line. PendoTECH’s Single Use UV Flow Cells coupled with a compact photometer with fiber optic cables to measure the UV absorbance in filtration and chromatography applications without product contact. Additionally, stainless steel flow cell options are available. Our Turbidity Flow Cells and photometer measure the turbidity of un-clarified material from a bioreactor or fermentor, or measures bioprocessing liquid after it flows through a filter to provide consistent monitoring of filter performance.

Flow Meters

  • PendoTECH flowmeters and monitors are designed to deliver highly accurate flow measurements for bioprocessing applications. Different applications require different flow measurement technologies and features. Coriolis technology offers the highest level of accuracy and the measurement principle is not impacted by changes in viscosity and conductivity. Available products are a unique liner for a traditional stainless steel E+H Promass Coriolis flowmeters that eliminates the need for cleaning of the flowmeter that saves time and prevents cross contamination.

Temperature Sensors and Monitors

  • PendoTECH’s Single-Use Temperature Sensors™ enable a highly accurate temperature measurement. PendoTECH Single Use Temperature Sensors are extremely sensitive to temperature changes in critical in-line bioprocess applications. Accuracy is verified during manufacturing so no calibration is required. The sensors are available with either a hose barb fitting, which is engineered to prevent pressure drops and dead-legs, or a luer fitting for lab scale development applications

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